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3.0 - General Information

Subscription Prices

JewishCafe.com is a member-supported service. New members are required to fill in a questionnaire in order to gain access to the system. All members receive TWO WEEKS FREE for logging a profile, plus 7 FREE days for posting photos and 7 FREE days per referral. If you decide to become a paying member, you will receive all FREE days remaining, in addition to the time for which you paid. Please note that there is NO OBLIGATION to join after your free trial - it will be entirely up to you!

Subscription Rates
SALE!! Limited time only
 One Year
 was $99.95; now only $89.95! 
Only 25 cents/day! 
 Six Months
 was $69.95; now only $59.95! 
Only 33 cents/day! 
 Three Months
 was $44.95; now only $39.95! 
Only 45 cents/day! 
 One Month
only $32.95
 Only $1.10/day! 

Checks or money orders should be made payable to JewishCafe.com and mailed to:

128 Banchory Cres
Ottawa, Ontario, K2K 2V5

Please Note: If you have been a member of JewishCafe.com before you cannot create a new profile, as multiple accounts are not permitted. Please send a message to formeraccounts@jewishcafe.com (please be sure to include your username) if you would like to come back as a paying member.

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