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Email free for 3 weeks: 2 weeks free plus an extra week when you post your first profile photo. has been connecting Jewish singles online since 2002. Meet Jewish singles absolutely free during our 3 week trial! You'll be able to view profiles and send and receive unlimited messages during your trial. Unlike every other Jewish dating site, we allow our trial member singles to communicate for free. Once your trial period is up, you can decide if you're interested in more time to continue meeting our Jewish singles. Memberships are cost-effective and far cheaper that a daily coffee (or tea). No credit card is required to sign up for our free trial, so there is nothing to lose!

To get started, all you need to do is create a simple profile, with basic information, some multiple questions, and optional written ones to express yourself (as much or as little as you like) and what you are looking for. That's it! You'll then be ready to start using your Jewish online dating profile. This includes sending and reading messages, posting your photos, and communicating with those Jewish singles you're interested in finding more out about - all completely free with the creation of your free trial profile.

Other sites let you browse profiles, but not contact anyone, or respond to mail sent to you, unless you pay. What good is that? Don't waste time looking for love in the wrong places. has singles who want to meet exciting people like you.

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